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Artbox collab

We love it when two of our artists collaborate! Recently Rik Oostenbroek and Jurg Neve joined forces to bring these super suave forms to life. For this project, three shapes were created that represent the domains of Technology, Business and Culture. A fourth shape was created as the starting point for all three, and was aptly named ‘General’. 

Rik Oostenbroek visualised the 4 shapes, followed by Jurg Neve who brought these hypnotising forms to life. The challenge for Jurg was to morph each shape from General into one of the other three domains, and back again to General. Together, the 4 x 15 second standalone sequences form a 1-minute animation loop in which shape, colours and position on screen are seamlessly morphed. To stay true to Rik’s stills only one fixed camera was used for the wide shots. The final edit was brought together with 2 close up shots per domain, showing off the continuous transformation of the shapes. All this visual goodness is wrapped up by a custom created soundscape, done by the awesome team at Kloaq. 

Illustrations: Rik Oostenbroek
3D Animation: Jurg Neve
Sound design: Kloaq
Producer: Marice Hanraets

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