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I love to watch, always on the lookout, always stopping my car for that cool pic of that cool whatever. I am crazy about imagery in whatever way it presents itself. And in this newsletter we are going to show and share that love. This time my favourites, next time maybe yours?

Paper wolf
Paper art of my own dog by Vera van Wolferen (and my dogs name is Wolf)

Mr. Cool, Mr. Chill and Mr. Relax
My favourite art piece. Looks like leather but are bronze creatures. Mr Cool, Chill and Relax by Marjolijn Mandersloot.

Ingrid Baars
Half an African mask, half a photo of a model and beautifully, delicately, merged by Ingrid Baars.

TRUMP magazine
This is why I love travelling, always looking for the unexpected. Trump, do I need to say more?

Alberto Russo
This guy can draw…and he draws subjects I love.


Martijn's picks
Martijn's picks
Martijn's picks
Martijn's picks
Martijn's picks