Mardo El-Noor

Mardo El-Noor, armed with a Master’s degree in art and design, began in graphic design with top-tier Motion GFX visual arts, with a focus on dynamic storytelling through moving images. Mardo El-Noors's diverse skill set extends to crafting compelling commercial content, music videos, and animations.

Mardo's passion lies in visually-driven music videos, minimising reliance on narrative and maximising visual impact. Each frame is meticulously composed, resembling a perfectly designed poster at every pause. His music videos exhibit a distinctive visual evolution from the beginning to the end of each song, ensuring a captivating journey for the viewer.

Skills: Animation & Film, Art direction, Illustation, Typography
Clients: Red Bull, Lexus, NS, Samsung

Two Shots For Summer




My Food Bag

Denim Privé

Electoral Commission | Don't be nervous

off & on

Mardo El-Noor

Electoral Commission

Wolf energy bar

MGFX & animation showreel

Music video showreel

Best Bubble

Alae (music video)


Mardo El-Noor

Boon street festival 2021

Mardo El-Noor

Boon 2019

Commercial reel

Mardo El-Noor

Four Seasons In One Day

Much more ice cream

Auckland transport

Mardo El-Noor

TOYOTA vs Emirates

Red Bull BC One | Manifest

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