Hertog Jan

Christiaan Dros & Zender teamed up again to create some beauties of posters for Hertog Jan! You will get them for free when buying Hertog Jan. So go check the project, the making of images and then off to the store to get your own.

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New work from Jenue!

Woohoo! Jenue has some new and very colorful work we would like to share with you. We've updated his portfolio with some nice sneakers and cool 3d typography images.

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Artist Spotlight: Jeroen W. Mantel

Jeroen W. Mantel is a Dutch photographer with a huge track record in fashion photography. He works for clients like Elle and Tommy Hilfiger. We made an Artist Spotlight about him where you also see him in action WITH famous eye patch! Enjoy!

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Breakthrough begins with curiosity

"Sometimes, all it takes is a spark of curiosity to give life to a revolutionary new concept or product." For our first job together TAVO made two animations that promote Merck Groups new interactive report on the state of workplace curiosity, science and technology that comes out each year.

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Het Vergeten Kind

Our very own studio created a commercial for the Forgotten Child Foundation that asks to sign the petition to stop unnecessary relocating of children, because vulnerable children hardly have any future prospects and this is very damaging to their development. It was a real treat to animate such a great concept.

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Yngwie Boley illustrated three fun Ford animations. GTB agency asked for characters that have distinctive personalities who show emotions through facial expressions and gestures. The animations explain why you should use the Ford garages for maintenance on your car. This was a fun project to work on so check it out!

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