Yngwie Boley illustrated three fun Ford animations. GTB agency asked for characters that have distinctive personalities who show emotions through facial expressions and gestures. The animations explain why you should use the Ford garages for maintenance on your car. This was a fun project to work on so check it out!

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Aftermovie HowWow 2018

On November 15th the third edition of HowWow took place. We had great speakers over from Sehsucht, Garrigosa Studio and BlinkInk who told us the stories behind their creations. We created a lovely little photo album and an aftermovie which you can find at the link below.

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What if we collaborated with a multitude of our artists to create beautiful and engaging headers to one of the Netherlands' most sold newspapers? For NRC, together with our artists we created a wide range of titles in both moving and still imagery to compliment articles that described what possible future scenarios would pan out. "What if all doping will be allowed?" is one of them, click on the link below to see the rest!

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Rabobank approached us to create 3 animations based on line drawings, which turned out to be a perfect job to team up Peter van de Riet (Design) and Michiel Krop (3D). Peter told us about the challenge to create a playful motif within the icons. Check out the case for more insights and explanations about this project.

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Quest Junior

Quest Junior asked us to design the cover and middle spreads for their November edition. The design went through some iterations as we went from fairly realistic to increasingly cartoon-ey to make sure the image is not scary (it’s meant to attract kids, not scare them away!) but more fun and action. Designer Kees Sparnaaij put some extra love into the textures and fabrics, and you will agree the mammoth looks highly cuddly, if it wasn’t for his frightful tusks.

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