The Bull

Handelsblatt requested us to create a statue of their Bull mascot to be placed on a bench in Dusseldorf Airport. Bardo Hogendoorn is famous for his realistic 3D animal characters and he not only designed the bull, he also airbrushed it after it was 3D printed. Check out the making of to see the bull transform and see Bardo in action!

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New Artist: Mr. Kat & Friends

Miau! We welcome our newest artist Mr. Kat & Friends. Famous for his cute and classy designs that are intended to communicate tenderness, playfulness and happiness.

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New artist: Victor Meijer

We’ll be working with Victor Meijer from now on! He makes lovely line drawings just like this portrait of Hendrik Groen, a character of the Dutch bestseller series about the secret diaries of an older man in a nursing home. We also love his coloured drawings.

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Proud to present: Teqoia

It's been a year in the making so we are super excited to share this multifaceted project with you. Starting with brand portfolio strategy, a new name and logo up to illustrations, animations and much more. Curious?

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ABN AMRO - Mission 2030

ABN AMRO has a sustainable mission for 2030 and Sjoerd Verbeek made an illustration to share this mission with the rest of the world.

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Refresh: Giulio Iurissevich

"Dark, edgy and bold. These are the words that instantly come to mind when attempting to describe the urban-inspired art of illustrator and graphic artist Giulio Iurissevich. Each work of his is layered with a rich tapestry of patterns, paints and brush strokes, giving these stunning creations a raw, semi-industrial vibe that we completely adore." Whimmagazine 

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