New Project: Gyproc

The Netherlands needs to transform 1000 houses per day into A-label worthy, energy-efficient homes in order to meet the ambitious climate targets. The animation of this project shows how.

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New Artist: Mr. Kat & Friends

Miau! We welcome our newest artist Mr. Kat & Friends. Famous for his cute and classy designs that are intended to communicate tenderness, playfulness and happiness.

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New artist: Victor Meijer

We’ll be working with Victor Meijer from now on! He makes lovely line drawings just like this portrait of Hendrik Groen, a character of the Dutch bestseller series about the secret diaries of an older man in a nursing home. We also love his coloured drawings.

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Proud to present: Teqoia

It's been a year in the making so we are super excited to share this multifaceted project with you. Starting with brand portfolio strategy, a new name and logo up to illustrations, animations and much more. Curious?

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Refresh: Jeroen W. Mantel

Jeroen is hard to keep track of but an update was definitely long overdue! We've completely refreshed his portfolio page. We hope his great eye for color, aesthetic and fun are just as inspiring for you as they are for us.

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Refresh: Giulio Iurissevich

"Dark, edgy and bold. These are the words that instantly come to mind when attempting to describe the urban-inspired art of illustrator and graphic artist Giulio Iurissevich. Each work of his is layered with a rich tapestry of patterns, paints and brush strokes, giving these stunning creations a raw, semi-industrial vibe that we completely adore." Whimmagazine 

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Wecycle by Kingcoma

Did you know that just like light bulbs you can also recycle light fixtures? If you live in the Netherlands and watch TV you will. There is no way you missed this commercial. It's loud, cheerful and clear as day. Leave it up to Kingcoma to do just that.

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