Refresh: Eduardo Bertone

Eduardo Bertone created beautiful illustrations for Brioche Dorée that show exactly what makes his work special. Almost every illustration on the buckets has more than one meaning because they fit perfectly and flow into each other. Check his portfolio for the detailed illustrations and you'll see what we mean!

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Refresh: Andreas Preis

Andreas Preis' portfolio has been updated with some cool illustrations he made for Microsoft Laptops and Warsteiner. Interesting about this update are the work in progress images for Microsoft Laptops. Take a look to see how he works!

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Artist Spotlight: ZenkOne

Raw, industrial and impressive... Some of the words ZenkOne used to illustrate his ideas for this beautiful mural in Pand Noord. We set up a new series called Artist Spotlight so you can get to know the people behind the great artwork we share with you. Watch the full video and read about ZenkOne's creative process on our blog!

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We refreshed the portfolio of directors duo ODDONE with their latest projects "August" and "The Fabricant". Check out their portfolio to see a lot of cool and colorful designs they created lately.

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Last year Quoratio, a Dutch company that offers solutions for administrative challenges, asked us to develop illustrations for the re-branding of their website. Dani Montesinos created a set of illustrations that can be used seperate but when you simply put them together they become one large (and amazing) illustration.

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