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Sunny Cars- Carefree car rental

Is shooting a car commercial with a good beer an idea worth contemplating? Possibly, if ‘a good beer’ is in fact a creative studio and not an alcoholic drink… And even more so if that studio happens to specialize in character based storytelling and combining CGI characters with live-action. So we didn’t have to think twice about who to take along for the ride in creating the new commercial for Sunny Cars: a good beer.

Together with Lemon Scented Tea the characters Sunny and Car were created. Two mirror hangers who’ve seen it all. The road trips, the laughs, the hidden gems and the best detours. All from their point of view we follow a group of friends on a warm summer trip, leaving you itching for that nostalgic feeling of simply seeing where the road will take you.

Enjoy the ride!


Client: Sunny Cars
Campaign and brand marketeer:
Frans van Lavieren
Lemon Scented Tea
Creative direction:
Tim ten Dam and Jan Bosch
Account director:
Jorien Serraris
Artbox Amsterdam
: Jes Iken
Design and Direction:
a good beer
Jeroen Simons
Sound Design:
THNDR Amsterdam
Bart Voorsluis

Production services: Ceremony of Attention
Executive producer:
Tjalf Melle
Helen Atty
Production manager:
Nadia Dhai
Production Coordinator:
Amaryn Asmus
1st Ad:
Andrew Faber
Focus Puller:
Ali Mohamed
Key Grip:
Colin Chirombo
Brian Oliver
Richard Seeber
Lize Engelbrecht
Nawaal Hendricks
Location manager:
Chris Cloete

Sunny Cars- Carefree car rental
Sunny Cars- Carefree car rental
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