Vergeten Kind Hero Landscape

The Forgotten Child Stop changing Caregivers

We were very pleased to hear that The Gardeners wanted to work with us again on the new campaign for The Forgotten Child foundation.

This time the focus was on the problem that many caregivers in homes change too much, so the children never feel at home. The story was told as a rime like done in books of Miffy and the idea was to create a pop-up book to bring the story to life.

The 2D design of the wooden doll character we developed previous year, we could use again. The story is about a little boy called Bas who – even though it’s his birthday – feels alone as there’s nobody with whom he is really related.


Client: Het Vergeten Kind
The Gardeners
Manuel Ferrari

Producer: Geert Jansen
Sonal Jadhav, Michiel Krop
Michiel Krop
Julien Kraakman

Het Vergeten Kind - Stop changing caregivers