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Ogilvy approached us to create three animations for Rabobank based on line drawings, which was a perfect job for Peter van de Riet from OddOne.  

Designer Peter van de Riet on the 2D Designs for this project:
“The Rabobank icons were line drawings so it was a challenge to create a playful motif within the icons. Therefore I decided to use a grid system that would cut into the icons and the negative space around the shapes. I then freely played with the positive and negative space of the icon and the colour of the different shapes. The end result was a recognisable Rabobank icon that underwent a playful deconstruction.”

Michiel Krop supported Peter and took his designs to the 3D world and created a lovely world of foam blocks moving graciously over Peter’s invisible grid. Combined with stacks of money (MONEY!) falling from the air, it really is a magical place.  

Design: Peter van de Riet (OddOne)
Animation: Michiel Krop
Client: Ogilvy
Producer: Marice Hanraets

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Rabobank - 2D VS 3D


2D VS 3D
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