Groentes 50x100 Liggend

Ekoplaza Back to Better

What an honor to work on conveying such an important message for organic supermarket Ekoplaza: go small. In a time like this, sometimes it is important to take a step back, in order to move forward. PRET Amsterdam approached us to develop a 360 campaign using illustration and animation. Marlies van der Wel did an amazing job, literally taking us Back to Better with old school illustrations. Her signature animation style was a perfect match, creating a handmade and winsome feeling.


Client: Ekoplaza, Erik Does, Hans van Mierlo
PRET, Pieter van Velsen, Talmon Kochheim, Boudewijn Visser
Director: Marlies van der Wel
Artbox Amsterdam, Geert Jansen

Design: Marlies van der Wel
Image research:
Anna, Julien Kraakman
Marlies van der Wel, Rob Wienk
Sound design: Marcel Walvisch
Voice over: Gaite Jansen

Back to Better
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