Groentes 50x100 Liggend

Ekoplaza Back to Better

What an honor to work on conveying such an important message for organic supermarket Ekoplaza: go small. In a time like this, sometimes it is important to take a step back, in order to move forward. Advertising agency Pret asked us to illustrate and animate this 360 campaign for Ekoplaza. Marlies van der Wel did an amazing job, literally taking us Back to Better with old school illustrations. Her signature animation style was a perfect match, creating a handmade and winsome feeling.


Client: Ekoplaza, Erik Does, Hans van Mierlo
PRET, Pieter van Velsen, Talmon Kochheim, Boudewijn Visser
Director: Marlies van der Wel
Artbox Amsterdam, Geert Jansen

Design: Marlies van der Wel
Image research:
Anna, Julien Kraakman
Marlies van der Wel, Rob Wienk
Sound design: Marcel Walvisch
Voice over: Gaite Jansen

Back to Better
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