Booking Topshot Mouse Hi RES Landscape


Who’s afraid of Pink, Yellow and Blue? Certainly not us. A striking palette for a vibrant new look.

For the annual Click event we created this upbeat animation that shows the connected trip from the first Mouse Click to the last Camera Click, and all the other Clicks in between. Each Click leads you onwards in this colourful digital world. We used circuit board textures and an isometric camera perspective to add extra Tech vibes. To build one coherent identity for the event, we also put together a package of stills and templates to cover all channels.

Eric Smilde & Rutger Paulusse teamed up for concept and art direction, with Eric taking care of the design. Kees Sparnaaij added his animation skills to the mix. We think the results are hysterically good, so fasten your seat belts and click ‘Play’.


Art Direction: Rutger Paulusse & Eric Smilde
Design: Eric Smilde
Animation Studio: A Good Beer
Animation: Kees Sparnaaij

Agency: MAAK
Production: Artbox
Producer: Marice Hanraets

Directors cut