Pand Noord 507 A1827 Image Hero Landscape


Zenk One was asked to create a mural in Pand Noord containing typical Amsterdam North elements like the NDSM dockyard and the Noord-Zuidlijn, the new metro line that connects the north to the south of Amsterdam. For this project Zenk One got his inspiration from the history, the creativity and the developments of Amsterdam North.

“The patterns, construction and playing of lines I came across in the images during research intrigued me. Think about the crosses of a crane, stripes of a festival, the exposed steel constructions in the old buildings, ropes of a fishnet but also the fish bone structure in flooring of the building the mural will be developed for”.

“The idea was to integrate the mural in the space by letting the color of the concrete and the red wall paneling be one with the color palette. The painting should be impressive and overwhelming as soon as you step into the space. The use of color and structure radiates a sense of peace at the same time”.

Some of the keywords Zenk One used for his sketches for Pand Noord are: Industrial, Entertainment, Raw, Impressive, Construction, Balance, Collection, Development and growth.


Illustrations: Zenk One
Mural: Zenk One, Resuk

Client: Pand Noord
Agency: Hollandsnieuwe
Production: Artbox
Producer: Marice Hanraets

Pand Noord
Work in progress
Pand Noord