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Sexual Crime Law

When Havas Lemz introduced their concept, it was clear it had the potential to be something special, and we were right. We were provided with the opportunity to illustrate and animate a series of animations for the Ministry of Justice and Security, which aimed to raise awareness about the new law that took effect on July 1st, providing better protection for victims of sexual misconduct and harassment.

The campaign reinforces that such behaviour is universally recognized as unacceptable and emphasises that while these actions are already known to be wrong, they are now explicitly punishable offences. Logical, right?!

Nipples Paradise was tasked with crafting the wonderful illustrations while our in-house animation studio a good beer brought everything to life.


Client: Ministry of Justice and Security

Agency: Havas Lemz

Production: Artbox - Centre for Creation

Illustration: Nipples Paradise

Animation: a good beer

Sound: Sound Circus Amsterdam

Sexual Crime Law
Sexual Crime Law
Initial sketches