Menno Fokma

Menno Fokma, a dynamic freelance director and digital artist based in Amsterdam, elevates storytelling across a diverse spectrum, including commercials, music videos, dynamic digital content, and captivating stills. Menno infuses his creations with a unique blend of influences, drawing inspiration from the intricacies of reality, fashion trends, modern dance, and the realms of imagination.

What sets Menno Fokma's work apart is its surreal and dreamlike nature, characterised by a stylised aesthetic and a commitment to creating fluent movement and rhythm. Building on years of experience as a 3D motion artist, Menno Fokma carries a great ability to blend film, photography, and CGI. This gives Menno the power to craft compelling narratives with an ambiguous allure, inviting subconscious emotions to surface for any Artbox brief.

Skills: Animation & Film, CGI & 3D, Art Direction
Clients: Adidas, Chanel, L'Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, MTV, River Island, Stedelijk Museum, Toyota




Menno Fokma

David Douglas Cover

Menno Fokma



Holland & Barrett

Rituals | Tsuru

Toyota - Camry

G-Star directors cut


MTV activate


River Island

90 Jahre Wirtschaftswoche


Menno Fokma


Menno Fokma
Menno Fokma
Menno Fokma
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