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Lemon Scented Tea asked us to develop a film for sustainable denim brand Denim Prive. A film about their unthinkable collection, completely sustainable and pollution free. To tell the story the idea was to edit the film from actual hand-drawn fashion illustrations and handwritten supers. Bringing artist Silvan Steenbrink together with multi-talent Mardo El-Noor worked really well. Together they gave the film that tangible feel needed for this story.


Client: Denim Privé
Agency: Lemon Scented Tea
Production: Artbox

Producer: Geert Jansen
Illustrator: Silvan Steenbrink
Animator: Mardo El-Noor
Making of: Rosa Winkelman

Denim Privé
Denim Privé
Denim Privé
Denim Privé