Ehrmann Image Hero Landscape

Ehrmann High Protein

There are many reasons why we loved this finger-licking project, but the Artbox crew was particularly fond of the product samples that came our way. Especially the Chocolate Pudding swiftly cleared from our office fridge.

We also loved the opportunity to work with the fantastic team from PlusOne. Experts in cel shaded animation, they created beautifully fluid swirls by hand. Flowing, gloopy shapes are swirling around the characters, energising the images and underlining the action in each shot. Chris Vlok also masterfully took on the live action direction.

The photography was done by Jeroen W. Mantel, who captured some fantastic shots full of vibrant action. With his encouragement the talent did a full workout on the trampoline, and if Jeroen didn’t already have a successful career as a photographer, he should definitely consider Personal Training.

The results are so good, you just want to have some Chocolate Pudding. Sorry, none left.


Direction & Animation: PlusOne
Director: Chris Vlok
Photography: Jeroen W. Mantel

Client: Ehrmann
Agency: Serviceplan/Neverest
Production: Artbox
Executive producer: Geert Jansen
Producer: Marice Hanraets

Ehrmann Behind The Scenes Running
Hi Protein
Ehrmann Behind The Scenes High Five