The Netherlands gives light in dark times. Each year during Christmas Holidays the Dutch Cancer Society organizes an event where a huge heart is formed by thousands of lanterns that people can donate for people affected by cancer.

Giving light is a symbol for supporting people who are affected by the disease that affects one out of every three people.

In order to tell this story our friends from Energize chose for an animated story, and teamed up with our studio. We wrote a script and treatment that would allow us to show different situations in which people support their loved ones. A football training, working late at the office, home alone at Christmas, hospital recovery room, and coming home to the family to reflect the Dutch society.

It’s been a roller coaster ride creating this piece with so many characters and scenes within the available time, but we’re happy with level we’ve taken it to.


Animation director: Kees Sparnaaij
Animation: Kees Sparnaaij, Remi Tjon Ajong, Jurg Neve, Julien Kraakman
Design: Eric Smilde, Julien Kraakman, Jurg Neve, Sonal Jadhav
Compositing: Kees Sparnaaij, Julien Kraakman
Editing and online: Geert Jansen
Grade: Barend Onneweer
Music composer: Brennan Heart
Music: Metropole Orchestra
Sound design en mix: Lab 3

Client: KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)
Agency: Energize
Creative director: Robin Pas
Agency producer: Nicole Nouwes
Productie: Artbox
Creative production director: Geert Jansen

KWF Give Light
KWF Give Light
KWF Give Light
Football light
KWF Give Light
KWF Give Light