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ZEEMAN Don't get blinded

Occasionally, an opportunity arises to embark on something truly remarkable. Following the resounding success of Zeeman's previous brand activation campaign, titled "Air," we were granted another chance to bring to life an extraordinary concept conceived by the ingenious minds at Persuade agency.

In these campaigns, Zeeman consistently demonstrates, in a playful manner, that a superior product does not need to come with a hefty price tag. This time, the spotlight was on sunglasses.

Despite the financial constraints imposed by the budget, we made a deliberate choice to venture into our first virtual production, recognizing that it would enhance the overall quality by capturing most of the magic in-camera.


Client: Zeeman
Agency: Persuade
Director: Menno Fokma
Stef Kwinten
First AD:
Cora Aarnoutse
Jeroen W. Mantel
Producer: Geert Jansen
Design, Unreal: Jurg Neve
Design, Unreal:
Marcus Driessen
Edit: Menno Fokma
Additional 3D:
Julien Kraakman
Compositing: Kees Sparnaaij
Gaffer: Zen Bloot
Grade: Barry Clarke (Captcha)
Music + sound:
THNDR studio

Focus Puller: Max Franken
: Mike Laureys
Set: Florian Legters
Best boy: Henry Rodgers
Yoshua Thomassen
DMX Operator:
Ryan Schaminee
April Jumelet
Hair & Make-up:
Ellen Exter
EVD agency
Stuntteam: Stuntteam de Beukelaar
Filmed at:
ReadySet Studios
ReadySet Studios VP supervisor: Robert Okker
ReadySet Studios VP assistant:
Philip Trijnes
Ass. Producer: Rosa Winkelman

Zeeman Don't Get blinded

The vision entailed crafting a captivating high-fashion commercial where a group of young individuals would find themselves besieged by opulent (brand) spaceships. Only those donning Zeeman sunglasses, immune to the allure of fashion, would possess the strength to withstand the allure of luxury brands. In Dutch, the expression "Don't get blinded" serves as a poignant reminder not to be dazzled.

Zeeman Don't Get blinded
Blinded by the spaceship
Zeeman Don't Get blinded
Jeroen W. Mantel
Zeeman Don't Get blinded

Menno Fokma, with his visionary expertise in blending fashion film and digital art, emerged as the perfect candidate to bring this dreamlike concept to life.

Zeeman Don't Get blinded
Campaign image
Zeeman Don't Get blinded

To convey the message, the spaceships are infused with luxury fashion brands. Inspired by modernistic, classic and brutalism architecture with shiny textures and iconic logo and pattern design.

Behind the scenes